Blog Post Article Suggestions

Keep your article under 1,000 words.
We suggest aiming for around 750-1,000 words. We want your articles to be substantive yet digestible for educators perusing the SAFA website.
Write in your own voice.
We want this website to feature a multiplicity of tones, approaches, and voices – just like our project did! We would suggest that you consider your audience – a broad group of professors, educators, librarians, and archivists of many different backgrounds and approaches – and the best way to convey your ideas to them.
Read some posts from other academic or teaching blogs
Whether you are a seasoned web writer or this is your first web article, we encourage you to read a few examples of academic or teaching blog posts.  Great sites include: the Chronicle of Higher Education blogs like Tenured Radical or Prof Hacker; History Matters; Docs Teach;; Mind/Shift.
When citing sources in your blog post/article, please use Chicago Manual of Style.
Feel free to include multimedia
Images, video, and links are welcome!

We will credit you as the author of your submitted article. We reserve the right to copyedit and reformat your work as necessary for the SAFA website.

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