Summer Institute 2012: Information for National Partners

What is SAFA?

Students and Faculty in the Archives (SAFA) is a robust postsecondary education program at Brooklyn Historical Society (BHS). SAFA uses primary sources to build document analysis, information literacy, and critical thinking skills in first-year undergraduates. SAFA is funded by a three-year (January 2011-December 2013) US Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) grant.

Working with an interdisciplinary group of 18 faculty from 3 neighboring colleges (New York City College of Technology, Long Island University Brooklyn campus, and St. Francis College), BHS staff collaborate on assignments and activities in which students examine and analyze primary sources in our beautiful Othmer Library.

Through SAFA, BHS is creating replicable pedagogical models for collaboration between archives and institutions of higher learning. We hope to share our findings with our SAFA national partners and to advise and collaborate on how to build programs similar to SAFA at institutions across the country.

The SAFA Summer Institute

Based at Brooklyn Historical Society’s landmark building, the SAFA Summer Institute is a weeklong workshop for local participating faculty and our national partners. It will take place the week of June 11, 2012. During the first three days of the institute, local participating faculty will reflect on their SAFA courses from the last academic year, and will collaborate to formulate and improve curricula. Representatives from SAFA national partners will join us on Thursday, June 14 and Friday, June 15, 2012.

On Thursday and Friday, Institute attendees will participate in small group discussions and workshops about
• The scope, goals, components, and management of the SAFA project at BHS
• Sharing experiences teaching with archival materials – both successes and challenges
• Evaluating faculty development, student learning, and student engagement
• Developing new pedagogical models for teaching undergraduates with primary sources
• Designing and implementing collaborative programs inspired by the SAFA model

Funding your visit

BHS will reimburse representatives from the SAFA national partners for the cost of travel and two nights of lodging, up to $1,100. Please be prepared to submit all receipts.

Each national partner representative will receive a $500 honorarium upon completion of the Summer Institute.

Brief Schedule of SAFA Summer Institute 2012 for National Partners

Thursday, June 14, 2012 – Full day

Location: Brooklyn Historical Society



Participating local faculty and national partners will informally share their thoughts on and experiences with archives-centered education

Presentations by local participating faculty
Select faculty will present on their experiences with SAFA over the past year.



Faculty workshop
Faculty representatives from the national partners will meet with local faculty to share, discuss, and conceive successful techniques, activities, and curricula.

Cultural institutions workshop
Representatives from national partner libraries and museums will meet with SAFA staff to share, discuss, and conceive successful collaborative programs.


Walking tour of Brooklyn Heights

Dinner at the home of BHS Trustee William Coleman

Friday, June 15, 2012 – Half day

Location: St. Francis College



National partner workshop
Representatives from national partner libraries and museums will join national partner faculty from their area to brainstorm and start planning future collaborations

Luncheon reception ending at 1:00 pm

Where to stay

SAFA staff have created room blocks at two hotels within walking distance to BHS.

The Brooklyn Bridge Marriott is a large, full-service hotel located three blocks from BHS. We have secured a rate of $259.00 for SAFA Summer Institute attendees. You can book your room at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott by calling (877) 513-6305 and referencing “the BHS/SAFA Room Block.” Or you can book online here.

Nu Hotel is a smaller, modern boutique hotel that is a ten minute walk to BHS. We have secured a rate of $199.00 for SAFA Summer Institute attendees. You can book your room at Nu Hotel by calling (718) 852-8585 and referencing “the Brooklyn Historical Society/SAFA June Room Block.” Or you can book online here.

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