History of Coney island

Phillip Bongiorno

St. Francis College

Dr. Eric Platt

HIS 1201-4




Before the start of this semester, my image of Coney Island wasn’t an image of a fun environment. Growing up in my generation, Coney Island has grown a reputation of a violent place to […]

Jason Stapleton

Jason Stapleton

Professor Platt


31 January 2012

Coney Island

Before the start of the semester, my image of Coney Island was just a place you go to in the summer to hang out at the beach and go on a few rides. I also knew that the board walk was very […]

Blog #1: Coney Island

Suzanne Colossale


Prof. E Platt

Before the semester started, my image of Coney Island wasn’t a very good one. I always thought of it as an out-of-the-way, sketchy beach that is more or less abandoned by New Yorkers who have sense. I have only visited Coney Island twice, both times with someone […]

First Coney Island Memories

Coney Island has always had varying impressions in my mind, each location and individual memory offering something else.  At 3 years of age it was a heavenly wonderland, but by 8 the truth of its danger had been broken to me, greatly exaggerated in my mind.  But by 13, where I am […]

An Angel Fallen via Coney Island

June 9th, 2011. Brooklyn Queens day, a regular day for any New York City Brooklyn-Queens student; a ditch day if you will but with permission from the calendar. It was unusually nice that day and everyone seemed to be out and about: students were off for a day with the school […]

Blog 1 History of Coney Island

Nicholas Strype

History 1201


Dr. Platt

Blog 1 History of Coney Island

Located in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, Coney Island has become a main attraction to people all over the world. Throughout my life I have been to Coney Island numerous times with my family. My family […]

My impression about Coney Island Early History

As an international student coming from Japan, I hardly knew anything about Coney Island. I have seen the name and heard about it on the news. But my image of Coney Island was certainly not the great amusement park. Every time I have seen an imagery of Coney Island, it was rather […]

My view of Coney Island


Before this semester began, I never gave Coney Island much thought. I have only been there a few times in my life. I have not been there recently so I do not remember much from my visits. However, from what I can recall, I have only been to a park in […]

History of Coney Island

Growing up in Bensonhurst, I have always thought of Coney Island as being a local getaway that housed a beach, a boardwalk full of restaurants, and games and endless attractions. It is known for being a great place for family entertainment just minutes away from home. Some of the attractions which I […]

Coney Island

Before the start of the semester, my image of Coney Island is what I know of it today. Today, Coney Island to me is just a place to go to the beach, go to the famous Nathans, and a dirty place. It is not safe to be there at night and sometimes […]