Citing BHS materials

When to cite

You will need to cite BHS materials any time you:

  1. Use an image of a document*
  2. Quote a document
  3. Describe or talk about a document

*Document is a general term to refer to books, photos, maps, archival material, and more.

How to cite

Brooklyn Historical Society will provide citations for every item we use on our class visit. These are for you to use – you should copy the citation into your notes or take pictures of it with your camera.

The general formula for citing BHS archival material is as follows:

Identification of item, date of item (if known); Collection Name, Call No., box and folder number; Brooklyn Historical Society.

For example:

Astronomical Almanac, 1771; Lefferts family papers, ARC.145, box 4, folder 1; Brooklyn Historical Society.

To cite secondary sources, including books or websites, use a style manual such as the Chicago Manual of Style or MLA. An excellent online resource is

Why cite?

  1. To identify the source you are referring to
  2. To help other researchers locate the source for themselves
  3. To give credit where credit is due (and avoid plagiarism)

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